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Achievement Attainment and Progress

at Hounslow Heath Junior School

These comments are directly from our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report:

Achievement of Pupils

  • Leaders are now taking more effective action to raise achievement.
  • Current assessments of pupils in all year groups show that progress is improving.
  • Disabled pupils, and those who have special educational needs, including those from the centre for pupils with physical disabilities, achieve in line with their peers.
  • More able pupils are usually sufficiently challenged by the work they are set in lessons.
  • The school also runs sessions to boost the attainment for the most able in all year groups. Due to this support, these pupils achieved standards slightly higher than the national average.
  • Progress for those who speak English as an additional language is broadly in line with that of their peers, although in 2013 their attainment was slightly higher than the national average  in reading, writing and mathematics.

Quality of Teaching

  •  Much teaching observed was good.
  • Teachers make effective use of information and communication technology. For example, the interactive whiteboard and visualiser were being used skilfully.
  • Homework is given regularly in all year groups, and pupils agree that this has helped them to master some basic skills.
  • Teaching assistants are used effectively and contribute well to pupils' learning, particularly for those who need additional help with literacy and numeracy.
  • Displays in class and around the school make a positive contribution to pupils' understanding of writing.
  • A wide range of activities and trips brings variety and enjoyment to pupils' learning.

Behaviour and Safety - Judged as 'Good'

  • Pupils feel safe and behave well in lessons and around the school.
  • Pupils' attitudes to their learning are positive. They take pride in their work and ensure that it is neat and tidy.
  • Pupils regard the school as a community where everyone matters. Those pupils in the centre for physical disabilities are fully included in all activities and well supported by their peers, who show them sensitivity and respect.
  • Attendance is improving and is now slightly above the national average.

Leadership and Management

  • The headteacher has worked hard to ensure that the staff team works well together and create a supportive environment for pupils. Senior leaders are focused on ensuring that the achievement improves and have clear plans to ensure sustained progress. Progress is already improving across the school and, as a result, there is capacity for further improvement.
  • Discrimination in any form is not tolerated in the school, and all pupils have equal access to the full range of different learning experiences offered.
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced. It has a strong focus on developing pupils' basic skills.
  • Governors bring a good range of expertise to the role. They are enthusiastic and supportive and are increasingly ready to challenge the school.