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Hounslow Heath Junior School Governing Body

All members of the Governing Body are appointed by the Hounslow Heath Junior School, while the Local Authority Education Authority Governor is appointed by the London Borough of Hounslow. All these governors have voting rights, except Associate Members and Observers.

All governors declare relevant business and pecuniary interests before each meeting. All governors have signed codes of practice, statements of interest and declarations that they are not disqualified from serving on governing bodies. The Chair of Hounslow Heath Junior School declares any material interests arising from his relationship as spouse to the Chair of Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School Governing Body.  



Mrs. Ritu Aulakh (term of office: from 16.06.05)


Staff Governor

Miss. Laura Pavely (term of office: 14.03.17 - 13.03.21)


Local Education Authority Governor

Mr. Randeep Basra - Chair of Governing Body,  HSGBA, Health & Safety and Deputy Child Protection Governor (term of office: 19.06.13 - 18.06.17)


Parent Governors

Mrs. Jyothi Ramesh - SEND Governor (term of office: 29.09.14 - 28.09.18)

Mr. Vishal Atre - Vice Chair & Link Governor (term of office: 29.09.14 - 28.09.18)

2 Vacancies


Co-opted Governors

Mr. Sarup Mahon (term of office: 06.05.15 - 05.05.19)

Mrs. Lesley Bruce - Child Protection/LAC/PPG Governor (term of office: 19.06.17 - 18.06.21)

3 Vacancies


Associate Members

Mr. Baljit Gupta - School Business Manager (term of office: 04.02.15 - 03.02.19)

Mr. Hugh Gwilliams - Deputy Headteacher (term of office: from 22.04.14)

Mrs. Munira Raja - Deputy Headteacher (term of office from 08.10.15)




Register of Attendance for Full Governing Body Meetings