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Summer Term 2 Week 6

Well done...


For great work every week during home learning.


Summer Term 2 Week 5

Well done...

laughAaron Slaugh

For showing perseverance working online and when completing website work.


Summer Term 2 Week 4

Well done...


For amazing work and completing her online and website tasks  each week.


Summer Term 2 Week 3

Well done...


For persevering and completing all work consistently every week.   


Summer Term 2 Week 2

Well done...


For producing great work for CCL and science.


Summer Term 2 Week 1

Well done...


yes Fantastic online and website work.


Summer Term 1 Week 5

Well done...

smiley Delani smiley

For completing her work on time and to a very high standard.


Summer Term 1 Week 4


Well done...


🤩 Fransan 🤩

For consistent hard work while learning from home.




Summer Term 1 Week 3


Well done...


smiley Sofia smiley

For amazing home learning and food chain work.