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Summer Term 2 Week 5

All pupils who contributed this week

For being amazing! I am proud of all of you!


Summer Term 2 Week 4

Nelinsa & Sudiksha

For submitting their work timely and to a high standard!

Summer Term 2 Week 3

Ilyas & Rishabh

For superb presentation of work at all times!


Summer Term 2 Week 2

Maria & Dominik

For superb effort in their work this week!


Summer Term 2 Week 1

Akshara & Shaurya

For superb effort in their work!


Summer Term 1 Week 5

Lakisha & Hemil

For fantastic work in Science


Summer Term 1 Week 4


Excellent effort and an interesting story called 'The Boy who met Aliens'


Summer Term 1 Week 3


Keyaan & Ilyas

Amazing dedication to home learning!