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Exploring how Bradley has changed.

During our English lessons, we here in 5B have been reading the book ‘There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’ and we have been exploring the protagonists (Bradley’s) feelings. Please have a look through our drawings of Bradley’s feelings!

Bradley’s Feelings

Bradley’s Feelings 1
Bradley’s Feelings 2
Bradley’s Feelings 3
Bradley’s Feelings 4
Bradley’s Feelings 5

In 5B, we have been writing our own nonsense poetry for this years poetry competition. We planned our poems, wrote them up and finally got to practising. 

Please check out 5B’s finalists...

5B’s Poetry Competition Practice

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Glooing Day

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Last months HHJS school value was empathy. In 5B we learnt what empathy meant and how we can be empathetic towards each other. We also came up with four bullet points of what empathy looks like to us in 5B. 





Empathy Freeze Frames