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Welcome to Class 6C!

Black History Month

In the last few weeks we have explored Black History Month. We have discussed current events and issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as why Black History Month was first introduced, and why it is still so important today. A homework task was to research significant people, and some of the work was very informative and well-presented (see below).

English - Ice Trap!

In our English lessons, we have been reading the inspiring story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition of 1912 (as written in the book 'Ice Trap!'). So far, we have analysed two images (pictured below), written in role as a stowaway, and written a playscript. We have also completed a persuasive argument, giving Shackleton advice on an important decision he has to make... it's been a busy few weeks!

PE - Fitness

In PE, we have been focussing on different key areas of fitness: strength, agility, speed, and stamina. To do this, we have spent time working on different core exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, crunches, and leg-raises. In one session, we held a planking competition; Sofija managed to plank for an incredible 3:35!

CCL - Ancient Maya

In our CCL lessons, we have been studying the fascinating topic of Ancient Maya. We started with a timeline of all of the time periods we have studied at Hounslow Heath (pictured below), before exploring Maya architecture, religion, and wider culture.

5B Archive

Below are our memories from 5B...


The class as 5B  had their class assembly portraying the value of Kindness and we wanted to say a warm thank you to all those who supported and came to watch our assembly. 

5B’s Clarinet Lessons

We have started a new book called ‘Way Home’ and we have been writing a persuasive letter to the main character Shane on whether he should go home or stay in his den. 

Here are some pictures of 5B using conscience alley to portray whether Shane should go home or stay in his den. 

Exploring how Bradley has changed.

During our English lessons, we here in 5B have been reading the book ‘There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’ and we have been exploring the protagonists (Bradley’s) feelings. Please have a look through our drawings of Bradley’s feelings!

Bradley’s Feelings

In 5B, we have been writing our own nonsense poetry for this years poetry competition. We planned our poems, wrote them up and finally got to practising. 

Please check out 5B’s finalists...

5B’s Poetry Competition Practice

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Glooing Day

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