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Welcome to Team 6E!


This week would have been the week that you sat your SATs test. All of you have been preparing for this week for a long time but what we must remember is that the SATs don’t measure everything. They are just a tiny glimpse of how much you have achieved. So many of you have achieved so much more within these last few weeks. Some of you have learnt how to ride a bike, some have learnt how to cook your favourite dish or bake your favourite cake and some of you have learnt a new skill - sewing, knitting or playing a new musical instrument. I already know how much progress you have all made this year and I am very proud of each and every one of you. 


Please keep sending me photos of the lovely activities you have been getting up to so I can share them with everyone on the ‘Activity Ideas’ page.


Well done for keeping up with your home learning and a big thank you to your parents for helping you. Stay safe 6E and I hope to see you soon. 


Miss Ahluwalia :)





Hello 6E! Firstly, I am so proud of you all for staying indoors to protect the NHS during this global pandemic- well done to you. It was so lovely to speak to you and your families over the last few weeks. I really enjoyed hearing how some of you have been super creative whilst staying at home. Some of you have been baking whilst others have been learning a new musical instrument - very impressive!


Please click on the ‘Our Home Learning’ section to see everyone’s fantastic work from this week. I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s research on the Amazon Rainforest. You have all included some mind blowing facts about the fascinating rainforest in Brazil.


Each week there will be new tasks set which you can find them in the following area:

Key information/Curriculum and Home Learning/Home Learning during closure/Year 6 Home Learning. Please email me if you have any questions or require further support. 


I am looking forward to catching up with you all again next week. Keep up the good work! As always, stay positive and keep smiling. Take care 6E. 


Miss Ahluwalia :)



Our Viking Workshop!! 02/10/18

Cooking Halloween Cupcakes.

Halloween Fancy Dress