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VE day (Victory in Europe) is a day to celebrate the official ending of WW2. This year it will the 75th anniversary of VE day. The 8th May 1945 was the day many people celebrated. Above are some activities you can complete to celebrate VE day at home. 
Use these documents to colour in a picture to thank your postman for all their hard work. When your done, add the pictures to your window or door so your postie can see it when they deliver your post!

History topic - Stone Age

Here are some more activities linked to the stone age you could try!

  • Create a stone age house - use items from you garden to build your own house!
  • Create your own stonehenge - You could use lego, sticks or even biscuits!
  • Create your own stone age pottery 
  • Create your own stone age jewellery

(for the last two you could use play dough or even make your own salt dough!)

History topic - Stone Age!

Here are some art activities you can do linking to the stone age!

  • Cave drawing
  • Stonehenge silhouettes - Decorate a sunset on the page then add black card for the stones!
  •  Rock painting 

Science Topic - Plants!


  • Sketch some daffodils you can see in your garden or at the local park. You could use coloured pencils, felt tip pens or even paint to add colour to your drawing.
  • Flower printing - Dip some flowers into paint to create flower prints on your page.
  • Plant collage - Collect different plants and flowers from outside to create a picture on the paper.
  • Leaf sketching - Can you draw all the details to create the other half of a leaf?
  • Leaf/ plant stencils - Place a leaf or plant on your paper and paint/ colour round them. Once finished lift up the plant or flower to see your stencil art.