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At Hounslow Heath Junior School behaviour is a strength of the school, and is not only identified as such by the school community, but also by visitors, including school partners and Ofsted. The high expectations are displayed throughout the school site as our Golden Rules (shown above). We expect all members of our school community to support us in ensuring a positive and consistent whole-school approach to behaviour. The safety and happiness of all pupils and all members of our school community, is supported by effective teaching and the development of skills, attitudes and achievements, so that the children can make good choices and manage their own behaviour.


These comments are directly from our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report:

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare - Judged as 'Outstanding'

  • The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. It is a real strength of the school and is linked to the overall high expectations the school has for the whole community. The pupils are engaging, courteous and polite. They have strong relationships with each other and with all staff.
  • Behaviour is excellent in classes and in the way pupils conduct themselves impeccably when moving around the school. Pupils are very self-disciplined and thoughtful when responding to each other and their teacher. The strong ethos of inclusion is clear in the sensitive way that pupils care for those with more complex needs.
  • Behaviour records are kept meticulously. They show how the school effectively deals with any derogatory language or behaviour. Pupils were clear that there was 'zero tolerance' for any name-calling or unacceptable behaviour. There have been no exclusions for several  years.