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Centre Resources

Centre pupils are fully included in their mainstream classes, where they are supported by a wide range of class-based resources and our team of teachers and assistants. However, there are extensive resources around the school to meet the children's needs:

  • Our Centre Restroom includes three specially adapted toilets and a shower area. Ceiling tracking has been installed for safe and easy access for pupils.
  • The Soft Play Room contains specialist equipment for physiotherapy sessions. It also has many multisensory features, including the coloured light display and the soundboard. Ceiling tracking has also been installed in this room to facilitate safe access to resources throughout the room.
  • The Multisensory Garden provides an alternative to the bust playground area. As well as a range of adapted play equipment, children often ride their 'trikes' in this area. 
  • The school minibus has a tail-lift and full range of wheelchair clamps, ensuring all pupils can fully participate in trips and visits.
  • A full range of equipment, including adapted tricycles, standing frames, specialist seating and assistive technology ensures that pupils' physical and learning needs are fully met.