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Summer 2

A great poem about coronavirus with a creative drawing

A thoughtful poem about key workers

An insightful poem on the Coronavirus

An interesting poem about Hygiene

Tangled in Tentacles by Rishika

I am super impressed with the vocabulary Rishika has used throughout her story. It has been  carefully planned and had me gripped until the very end. 

Noises by Andreea

Andreea independently wrote her creative story and has included a range of punctuation throughout - you should be proud of yourself. 
Have a read about how Eashan escapes the ‘colossal beast’ he finds in his...

Mysterious Octopus by Schawnelle

I like the way Schawnelle has used a range of short and long sentences to add suspense to his story. Well done. 

Week beginning 18/5/20

Read about Eashan’s disaster in the Amazon...

Read about Aman’s eerie encounter in the Amazon...

Week beginning 11/5/20

The Mind Boggling Reality! Find out what happens to Rosie & Tim during their morning stroll. Written by Eashan.

Light in the Darkness. This story had me gripping onto my seat until the very end! Written by Rishika.

Week beginning 4/5/20

This week 6E wrote a Travel Brochure about The Amazon Rainforest. Each colourful brochure is unique including interesting facts and great pictures.

Excellent effort 6E!






Week beginning 27/04/20

This week Team 6E have completed a Biography on Bear Grylls. I am so impressed with the effort that each pupil has put in. I hope you enjoying reading their work as much as I did. smileyyes





Week beginning 20/04/20

Your letter to the NHS shows a lot of appreciatation, excellent work.
Eashan, your letter shows great compassion and appreciation towards the NHS. Well done.
Riccardo, this is a very thoughtful letter showing a lot of recognition for their hard work. Well done. 
A very thoughtful letter Amrit.
Your letter shows appreciation, well done Amulya.
Your letter shows great encouragement and praise towards the NHS.
Your letter shares a lot of gratitude. Well done Karina.
Well done Schawnelle, your letter shows your appreciation towards the NHS. 
I like how you’ve personally addressed the Chief Executive of the NHS. Great appreciation shown! Well done Zahraa.
A personal and sincere letter, well done Huda.
Razin, your letter shows great appreciation. Well done.