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It has been great to hear from everyone in 5A, and to talk about the awesome work that is being done at home! I hope there is plenty more that can be published here for everyone to see!

Our Thanks to the NHS!

In 5A, we are thankful for the hard work and sacrifices that our key workers are making to make sure that we are safe and healthy. We have written letters of thanks to the incredibly hard workers of the NHS.


"You can make anything by writing"

- C.S Lewis


In 5A, We have been creating texts for a range of audiences and purposes. Our texts are multimodal! This means that they have more than one mode to reach the intended purpose.




In Science, we are learning about plants. This includes the life cycle of the plant and the ways that plants adapt and reproduce in different environments. Some awesome work using a range of resources and materials!

Our Solar System

In Science, we are learning about the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We are also learning about the role and positioning of these planets.

Geography and History

Awesome Artworks