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Humility (April 2021)

What does Humility look like at Hounslow Heath Junior School?

Humility is:

  • appreciating what you have and what other people do for you.
  • complimenting other people on what they do; even the smallest thing.
  • not taking others for granted and encouraging others to better themselves.
  • looking for the best in others and recognising things they do well.
  • being modest and not being boastful about what you have done well.
  • being happy for those who have done well rather than jealous of others.
  • looking for peace and not arguments.
  • being kind and considerate to others and their feelings at all times.
  • acknowledging that your achievements are not accomplished by yourself.
  • being able to put others first, instead of yourself.

Humility is “not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”