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JLT (School Council)

Our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is a powerful pupil voice at Hounslow Heath Junior School. They work alongside the Senior Management Team, and senior leaders including the Governing Body through the Curriculum Committee to develop the school and learning across the school community. They also regularly engage with other partners across the wider community, including other schools, school leaders and the local authority, for example at the Civic Centre during Democracy Week. This inclusive democratic body upholds the values of the school, and British Values, ensuring the views, beliefs and needs of all groups are addressed. Two members are elected by the pupils from each class to represent their class. They meet on a weekly basis to address agreed agenda items and matters raised by members of every class through their JLTs (member of the Junior Leadership Team).


Our JLTs are:                                                    What do JLTs do? They:

  • approachable and a good listeners              * attend regular meetings
  • reliable and responsible                               * listen to the ideas from everyone

  • role models for others                                  * give up their time generously

  • patient and respectful                                   * are active team members

  • good communicators                                    * speak in front of others

  • positive and fair                                            * work to make our school better

  • decisive problem solvers

  • determined to succeed


Our JLTs are working hard to help make sure everyone enjoys, learns and achieves.

The documents below include a PowerPoint Presentation Introduction to the JLT and notes from meetings that show the work that the JLT does. 

JLT Minutes or Notes from Meetings

The PowerPoint below is shown to each class to highlight the work of the JLT and expectations prior to elections. The other documents below are used in the selection and appointment of JLTs .

Documents for JLT Elections and Appointments