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Hounslow Heath Junior School - School Local Offer

Hounslow Heath Junior School is a fully inclusive community, with a Centre for Pupils With Physical Disabilities. We aim to create an environment where every child is able to 'enjoy, learn and achieve' at school by upholding high expectations, a holistic approach to education and good quality classroom teaching. We recognise that for some children additional support may be needed to enable them to achieve their potential.


As part of the new SEN Code of Practice, all local authorities are required to provide information about the resources that are available to those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) through a ‘Local Offer’.

‘The Hounslow Local Offer is an online resource that is all about providing clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the provision of services that are available locally for Children and Young People with SEND and how you can access them’.

The Hounslow Local Offer has a Schools Page listing all the schools and colleges accessible by residents in Hounslow. Each school has provided a ‘School Offer’ explaining how they endeavour to support children and young people with SEND.

This is a link to the Hounslow Heath Junior School offer.