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Here is Harim's acrostic poem about the pandemic. I have found it to be extremely powerful!

Take a look at Shanmaya's excellent advertisement for her theme park. She has used a range of advertisement features and I would definitely want to visit!

Look at this amazing work by Hazel for her CCL work.

Take a look at these fantastic comic strips by Briella, Safaa and Caelan.

Here is Celina's fantastic comic strip. I love how she has laid it out and the bright colours that she has used.

Each week, I look forward to reading Harim's work. She is making lots of progress. This is a must read!

Wow! Have a look at this fantastic work by Karolina! I love the way she has presented her work for the water cycle poster and her collage is extremely creative! It's so lovely to see that you are all putting in so much effort with your home learning projects.

Take a look at Celina's Amazon escape transportation. I love how creative she has been! Well done!

A huge well done to Aanya who has produced some excellent work over this week. I love the way she has presented her water cycle poster!

Thank you to Farooq for sending in some of his work for this week. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your other work soon.

Wow! Harim really has been working hard at home. She has written a fantastic piece which includes a range of vocabulary techniques and punctuation to engage the reader. Make sure you go to the last slide!

Take a look at Harim's Amazon Rainforest brochure:

Take a look at Shanmaya's water cycle:

Here is some fabulous work by Sabira. Thank you for sharing with us all! I love the NHS letter.

Thank you Shivansh for sending in your CCL work.

I am really impressed with Melissa's work this week. She has been working really hard at home. Take a look at her collage and brochure:

Here is Harim's collage. Can you identify the different materials that she used?

I loved reading this creative writing piece by Celina. It was really engaging! She used some fantastic vocabulary.

A big well done to Hazel for all of her hard work this week. Check out some of her work on the Amazon Rainforest:

Here is Aanya's Amazon Rainforest poster. Thank you for sending it in; you have included lots of great facts.

Take a look at this fantastic biography which was written by Harim. Her plan is clear and concise and her writing is well-structured. She has also used punctuation correctly throughout her writing. This is an excellent example.

Here is some of Nilakshi's and Taniska's work about the Amazon Rainforest. I am so pleased that you are all putting in so much effort into your home learning. Well done!

Here is some fantastic work by Celina. I am extremely impressed with the quality of her work! Click on the links below to have a look.

I'm so pleased that some of you are sending me examples of your amazing work. Please keep sending them!



Here is Harim's response to the grammar challenge:

It is clear that Harim is focussing on her handwriting as well as ensuring she is writing good quality work. Keep it up, Harim!


Have a look at Shanmaya's Amazon food diary which consists only of fruits, vegetables and nuts:





Here is Tyran's survival kit for the Amazon Rainforest. He has thought of some good items! Well done! 



Thank you to Shivansh for sending in his Jaguars powerpoint:





Melissa has sent in her Amazon Rainforest poster. Keep up the good work, Melissa!




Here is Shanmaya's powerpoint about Jaguars. Well done!


Have a look at this fantastic piece of work by Harim. I am really impressed! It includes a lot of important details about the Corona Virus. Well done! I can't wait to read more of your work.

Mrs Hamaoui

Harim has also written an excellent balanced argument about playing games. Have a read: