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Hi 6G!


It has been lovely hearing from you all and receiving your hard work that you have been doing during the school closure. I have been very impressed with your efforts. Let's have a look at what you have all been up to...

A beautiful sketch done by Raiza :)

A brilliant writing piece from Likhitha.. great cliffhanger!

Bandrew has done very well with his grammar work :)

A story full of suspense written by Amrit :)

A vibrant and informative presentation of the water cycle by Aarush :)

A must-read story written by the talented Likhitha!

Amrit’s colourful water cycle!

Aarush made some delicious treats!

Shifting cultivation storyboard by Likhitha - great work!

Likhitha’s fantastic water cycle!

Vaishnavi’s colourful storyboard on ‘shifting cultivation’ - well done!

Khalid’s CCL storyboard :) Well done!

Likhitha’s stunning collage!

Amrit’s creative collage on the Amazon Rainforest

A beautiful illustration of the Amazon Rainforest by Vaishnavi

Aarush baked a cake in a mug! Looks delicious :)

Bandrew's excellent Amazon leaflet.

A very clever survival kit from Aarush!

A very sweet letter to the NHS from Aarush

Andreea has written a lovely letter :) well done!

An amazing survival kit completed by Likhitha!

An impressive piece of art created by Aishah

Impressive geometric patterns done by Aarush in his garden!

Likhitha’s phenomenal food diary and poem on the Amazon Rainforest

A gripping story written by Aarush

Amrit has been practising his noun phrases!