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Theme Park Planning project

Mega ride - Design Technology

Theme Park Planning

Home learning w/c 8.6.2020-15.6.2020

Acrostic poems

Home learning w/c 1.6.2020- 8.6.2020

Comic Strips

Home learning w/c 18.05.2020-22.05.2020

Aerial Map

Home Learning w/c 11.05.2020- 18.05.2020

Shifting Cultivation

Water cycle

Home learning w/c 04.05.2020- 11.05.2020

French Jobs

CCL - Amazon Collage

Amazon Travel Brochure

Grammar - Modal Verbs

Science - Food Chains

Home Learning w/c 27.04.2020 - 04.05.2020 

Animal adaptations

Expanded Noun Phrase

Bear Grylls Biography

Abhirut's Amazon Food Diary

Afaq's Food Diary

French Jobs

Home learning W/C 20.04.2020 - 27.04.2020


6F have been busy this week.


In English, we have been writing letters to the NHS to show our gratitude towards them for helping our country in these unprecedented times. 


For CCL we have also been learning about The Amazon and researching facts about it.


In science, we have created a list of items that we would need in a survival kit if we were to travel to The Amazon. 


6F's NHS letters 


Afaq's NHS letter

Kacper's NHS letter

Pragnaya's NHS letter

Atmika's NHS letter

The Amazon

CCL - Amazon Rainforest

Azaan's Amazon Rainforest research

Praise's Amazon facts

Pragnaya's mind map on The Amazon

Science - Amazon survival kit

English Writing 


Some of our pupils in 6F have been working hard on their English writing. We have a range of genres such as : formal letters, biographies, diary entries and poems. The creativity and imagination is wonderful to see! We hope that you enjoy reading our work :) 

Coco Chanel

New Beginnings by Tanvi

Darim's Poem

English Grammar

Stein's homework - Subject Verb Agreement