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Examples of work from week 1 (beginning 27/04/20)


Here is a detailed biography about Bear Grylls written by Sahar. 

Klara wrote a poem inspired by the research we are doing for CCL and Science on The Amazon Rainforest.


A great piece of research from Kacper about an animal found in The Amazon Rainforest!

Examples of work from week 1 (beginning 20/04/20) 


Well done for creating a beautiful poster about The Amazon Rainforest Fatemeh!


Here is a letter that Krishna wrote to thank the NHS team for all the work they are doing.


Anita wrote a lovely letter to a member of the NHS thanking him for his hard work during this time. 


Wade wrote a wonderful letter to the NHS staff, thanking them for all their hard work. 




Anita made a wonderful and bright spider diagram using her research about The Amazon Rainforest!









Here is a great leaflet that Klara made about The Amazon Rainforest!