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What an amazing poem and so beautifully read Kacper i enjoyed listening to the expression in your reading!

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Kacper that is a wonderful fact file you have produced!

Lovely work Ali! Your drawing is done beautifully!

Slenzy it is great to see the effort you have put into your Maths work! Keep it up!

Great Maths work Pranay! Keep up the hard work.

Wow Kacper the jewelry you have created is absolutely fabulous!

Lovely writing Jibril. It is great to see the effort you have put into your work!

Amazing work Jaco! I can see you made fathers day very special for your dad :-D

Fantastic work Ian! The cart looks amazing!

Wow that's great work Ayesha! It's great to see the effort you have put in!

Abdul has done some lovely work! Well done!

Sniktha building her model. Amazing!

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Snikitha has been very creative this week! I hope dad enjoyed the cake!

Shaan has done a lovely book review and fantastic geography. Your drawing is amazing on your father's day card!

Sariya has been very busy with her online learning this week! Great job!

Great work Pranay! Its brilliant to see you doing the challenging work!

Great use of conjunctions and adjectives in your story Nishanth! Your father's day card is awesome!

Liana has been very busy this week using her creative skills. The food you have made looks so tasty!

Lovely work Kacper. Your Father's Day card is amazing!

Well done Jibril your story has amazing adjectives!

Wow Jaco you have been very busy this week. Your story has beautiful use of emotion and feeling!

A wonderful fact file Ayesha!

Amrutha has done an amazing amount of work! That is a lovely story and a good use of conjunctions!

Amos has been doing loads of work using the school website! Great use of conjunctions in your story :-)

Kacper that is an awesome lava lamp!

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Jaco those waffles look delicious! The lemon experiement looks fantastic!

Amazing work Snikitha i can see you have been extremly busy! Well done!

Excellent Maths work Pranay!

Great work Nishanth! You models look fantastic!

Kacper has been super busy doing all his online work! Fantastic work!

Jibril has been very busy showing his writing skills! Good Job!

Ayesha has been doing some amazing writing! Well done!

Lovely writing Ansh. Super use of paragraphs :)

Amos has been very busy this week doing loads of Maths and English work. Fantastic Job!

Great work Abdul...You have done very creative drawings!

A lovely presentation Pranay!!! :D

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Amazing work Kacper! Great use of adjectives in your story!

Fabulous work Amrutha...I am impressed with the use of expanded noun phrases in your story!

Great pack work Slenzy! Keep it up!

Great use of creative skills Nishanth! The ice lolly looks so tasty!

Siya has been busy doing Grammar! Good Job!

Pranay has been doing loads of fabulous maths work this week! Well done!

Wow Amrutha you have been so creative this week! Fantastic work!

Liana has been working hard doing loads of Maths work! Good Job!

Amazing work Jaco! That banana bread looks delicious!

Super work Ayesha! You have used good adjectives in your story!

Wow Ansh you have been really busy. The canvas painting is very creative. Good job!

Fantastic work Liana! Your plant drawings are beautiful!

Excellent work Pranay. Lovely use of conjunctions in your story!

Amos has been busy with CCL and Science. Well Done :-D

Jaco has been busy with CCL work this week. The Skara Brae model is absolutely phenomenal!

Excellent drawings Jibril...Your Spiderman drawing is amazing!

Lovely work Kacper... The Stone Age jewelry you made is extraordinary!

Wonderful work Ayesha!

Jaco you have done fantastic plant work! The flower you have created is beautiful!

Shaan that is an amazing use of ICT and a lovely book review!

Lovely work from your pack Slenzy!

Super Maths work Pranay. I have to say i am impressed with the variety of conjunctions you have used in your writing!

Siya you have been extremely busy this week and that pizza looks absolutely delicious!

Amazing work Kacper..i'm really impressed with your use of expanded noun phrases!

Jaco has been a mathematician this week! Super job!

Gurvir that is an amazing result for your experiment!

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Great work Ayesha!

Amrutha you have been so creative this week! Your paintings are fabulous!

Wow Amos you have very busy writing this week! Fantastic job!

Wow..you have been so creative this week Jaco!

An amazing volcano eruption- That is so cool Jaco!

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Lovely leaflet Jibril

Great work Jaco..really impressed with the skittles experiment! Keep up the hard work!

Great grammar Ayesha! That drink looks tasty!

Slenzy you have been so busy working through the pack. Super Job!

Lovely to see you keeping fit Jaco!

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Fantastic writing Shaan! The drawings you have done are wonderful!

Pranay your a super star!

Remarkable work Jaco. Your Easter poster is sensational!

Your on fire Nishanth! The model you have made is remarkable!

Some lovely writing about what you can hear and see Ian! Keep up the hard work!

Amazing reading comments Jaco!

Wow Amos you have certainly been a busy bee this week! Good Job!

Fab work Jibril...your volcano looks amazing!

It's lovely to see you helping your mum Ayesha. Good work!

Wow Snikitha...Amazing work!

Great grammar work Pranay!

Sensational home learning Liana! Your silhouette is lovely :-)

Impressive work Kacper...your leaflet is tremendous!