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Our Home Learning Sharing gallery.

3C have been keeping busy with their home learning - here are some friends we haven’t seen in a while.

Affan’s football ⚽️ skills - watch out Mr Jung!!
Affan goes Red deer spotting!!
Manvith has been busy with science.
Venoy has been keeping fit on the trampoline
Guess who? Jasnoor has been busy making masks.
Thamo has been busy doing some science
Jenisha off to play tennis 🎾
Dua showing us her amazing art work.
Mahum keeping up with maths.

Look at what our classmates have been up to recently.

Juliana continues with her ballet.
Jasnoor makes a spider on Purple Mash.
Jasnoor makes a spider for real!
Aakarsh made an amazing poster - Star of the Week
The bee is pollinating the flower.
Melissa’s equipment to make a bee pollinating.

Melisa has been keeping very busy at home!

Exercise is important!
Great sunglasses!
Board/Table games.
Beautiful handwriting!
Must keep up with the reading!
Keep calm and do some amazing colouring!
How clever - great modelling!

Nicole has been busy at home!

Stone painting.
Beautiful space.
Great drawing!
More wonderful art work.
Labelling a plant.
A storyboard for Easter 🐣
Fossils homework.
A big thank you to all key workers 🌈🌈

Dua has also been busy at home.

Amazing drawing!
Clever paper art
Footnote character.
More interesting characters.
Fantastic drawing!
The Bear Who Got Lost.

Create Animated scenes by repeating and changing images on Purple Mash.

Dua’s characters are happy in the sun.🌈
Manvith’s Seed grows into a beautiful flower🌷
Ayaa’s Captain falls overboard, swims to safety.
Rabbit and Tortoise have a race. Aakarsh⭐️
Misheeta shows her skills⭐️

Fossils Factfile on Purple Mash.

Aakarsh wrote some interesting facts about Fossils
Nicole wrote some amazing facts about Fossils.
Tymon learnt some interesting facts about Fossils.
Affan has learnt some very interesting facts.⭐️

Some amazing Examples of online working at home. Science on Purple Mash.

Stages of fossilisation by Nicole
Stages of fossilisation by Dua
Stages of fossilisation by Aakarsh
Stages of fossilisation by Joshua

How we can support or help people who are ill or vulnerable to illness.

Wash your hands and stay at home by Ayaa!
Manvith shares his thoughtful ideas.
Misheeta shares her thoughtful ideas.
Juliana shares her thoughtful ideas.
Aakarsh shares his thoughtful ideas.

Home Bake Off

Jack made Chocolate Crispy Cakes!
Nicole helping Mum bake.
Aakarsh cake decorating with his brother.
Melissa has been baking at home too!

Jack goes searching for ducks in the river🐤

Jack on a mission...🐤

Science Homework

Amazing work Kyaana!
Gorgeous work Archie!
What a wonderful piece of work from Nicole!
Asiya has labelled her flower beautifully.😀
Amazing labelling by Melisa🌷
Beautiful craft labelling from Dua🌷

Asiya has been carrying out some science experiments at home.

Volcano experiment.🌋
Skittles Experiment.⭐️
Beautiful write up walking on water🌈
What an amazing experiment⭐️⭐️

Jack and his family enjoy a volcano experiment🌋

Jack and family write up their volcano experiment.
There it goes!
Science is fun!

Eirian Barrell Day 1 - What plants need to grow investigation.

Measuring at the start.
Measuring at the start.
Measuring at the start.
Putting plant B in a bag to hide it from light.
Plant B going in the cupboard - no more light.
Plant A - no water. Plant C - light & water.
Melisa’s plant investigation ⭐️
Tymon with his plants ready for his investigation
Tymon’s investigation⭐️⭐️

Melissa’s plant science homework.

Melissa planted some seeds on the 10th May 2020.
She carefully watered them.
Look how much they have grown!

Thank you Letters to our NHS and Key Workers

Very kind thoughts from Nicole!🌈
Thank you to Archie and his Key Worker Parents.🌈
Wonderful thoughts from Juliana.🌈
Lovely thoughts from Manvith🌈
A big thank you from Melisa🌈

Remember to read and write your thoughts about the story, characters and so on...

Melisa’s Amazing Book Reviews📚
Melisa’s Amazing Book Reviews📚
Melisa’s Amazing Book Reviews📚

Stone Age Projects and Research.

Archie’s Stone Age House using recycled cereal box
Stone Age Homes by Tymon⭐️⭐️
Stone Age homes - how they are made - Melisa ⭐️
More on Stone Age homes - Beautiful work Melisa ⭐️

Keeping up with Spellings

Well done to Hamza!⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keeping up with Grammar

Melisa’s fantastic work on Subordinate Clauses.📝
Inverted commas - good work Melisa⭐️
Inverted commas - good work Nicole ⭐️

Iyra shares her World Peace poster “So that everybody remains friends and no one gets left behind because of quarantine”🌈🌈

Iyra working hard at home.
Beautiful thoughts.⭐️⭐️

English - describing a breach scene. 🏄‍♀️🏖

Lovely noun phrases Melisa⭐️⭐️
I would like to go there Nicole⭐️🌈
Nicole has made a scene from Lego. ⭐️
Beautiful descriptive Language Nicole⭐️⭐️⭐️


A kind poem about Loyalty from Nicole🌈🌈


Ask for an ice cream in French by Melisa🍦🍦
French names for mini beasts Affan⭐️⭐️⭐️
Where they live in French - Affan ⭐️⭐️⭐️