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Reading Challenge

We would love to see photos of you reading in your favourite place or in an unusual place! The important thing is that you are keeping up with your reading as much as you can.



Who do you spy reading here?



Reid likes reading in a tent in his garden smiley        Franston is reading an ebook yes


Prisha has found a sunny spot to read her book!          Fahad has found a cosy corner blush




Shrestha has found an unusual place to      Tudor is keeping up with his reading! yes




                    Ayyan is cosy and dry! They look like great books! yes


                             Best place to read...a warm cosy bed! heart



             Leah LOVES to read! heart                   Adam found a place to read with a great
"I like to find a quiet spot where I can jump                    
view too! wink

inside the book. No interruptions and no noise,

to enter the characters journey. I found this

box and jumped right in."



  Kanav has found several great places to read his book...in the bath? Why not?! laugh

Must be a good book Kanav!


Well done for keeping up with your reading Shrini! yes

After a busy day of home learning, both Delani and

Huzaifa love to relax with a good book. smiley

Oscar enjoys reading to himself.