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School Clubs

In addition to the National Primary Curriculum, timetabled lessons, trips, whole school activities and class-based curriculum, there is a wide range of activities and learning opportunities throughout the year; the Extended School Curriculum. Children across the school have the opportunity to benefit from extra provisions, including : sports, crafts, science, public speaking, drama and clubs to support learning at home. In addition, there is an after school care provision, the details of which are available on this website: Key Information - After School Care. 


The school is continually looking to develop the Extended School Curriculum, in light of identified needs and opportunities. The views of pupils, parents and carers are fully considered; supported by surveys and the work of the Junior School Leadership Team (JLT), a school council consisting of two pupils from each class. There are new activities on the current timetable as well as many well established clubs.


Please view the link below for the current list of activities and the Extended School Timetable. If you have any queries, please contact your child's class teacher initially after school, or contact the school office to meet Mr Harding and Mrs Green, our Extended Schools Coordinators.


A huge number of children are already taking part; there are lots of opportunities there, and still more yet to come. Enjoy Learn and Achieve