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School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Wilson Jones. Children have the opportunity to choose a cooked meal, from three options: a main (which include Halal and non-Halal dishes), a vegetarian or an alternative option. Please view the links below for more information about Wilson Jones and the menus.

If you have not applied for free school meals and believe you may be eligible, please pick up a form from the school office.

Children may also be provided with a packed lunch by parents or carers. We are a 'Healthy School' so healthy lifestyles and balanced diets are priorities at the school, therefore we ask that biscuits, cakes, chocolate and crisps are not included in packed lunches, though a sweet dessert is permitted on Friday.

The use of water bottles in school are encouraged, so that water is available in class throughout the school day. We also allow a healthy drink with fruit at designated times every day.

Click on the document above if you want help in using in using ParentMail to pay for school lunches. If you are still need support, email the administrators using office@hhjs.hounslow.sch.uk or contact them directly at the school office. 

Cool Milk

Subsidised school milk is available through 'Cool Milk'. Those children eligible for free school meals are also entitled to free school milk. Further information is available through the web-link below. If you would like your child to have school milk through 'Cool Milk' please use the link below to apply online, or alternatively pick up an application form from the school office.