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Rahib’s night and day model

Still image for this video

Last week, 5D looked at why we have night and day.

5D have been finding out about constellations

5D are learning about the planets

Darius’ bouncing egg experiment

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Ayaan’s branching database

Alana’s branching database

Ezekiel’s Flower Monster

Dissecting a flower

Great work, Zara!

A planet project by Medha.

A great comic strip showing the process of pollination by Darius!

Labelling the parts of a flower 🌸

Purple Mash: Anatomy of a Plant

Great work, Navika!

The life-cycle of a sunflower by Medha

Rahib’s interpretation of the life-cycle of a plant 🌸

The Life-cycle of a Plant

A detailed diagram of a life-cycle 😊🌸

The life-cycle of a rose by Navika. What a great drawing of a rose!

What a great diagram of a life-cycle!