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Week beginning 18/5/20

This week 6E have created their very own aerial map of the Amazon Rainforest. A range of skills were used to create these maps and the outcome is impressive.

Well done :)




Week beginning 11/5/20

6E have made colourful posters showing the water cycle and how it works. Have a look below :)

Riccardo made a 3D version :)








Week beginning 4/5/20

6E have been continuing with our Science topic ‘Survival in the Amazon’. This week they have created a food chain on their chosen animal from The Amazon Rainforest and wrote about how the animal has adapted to help them hunt or defend themselves. 

A very interesting description about Green Anacandos by Rishika!

Karina’s food chain includes the king of the jungle!

Aryans’s fantastic 3D food chain!

Amulya included a paragraph about how a Jaguar catches its prey!

Detailed food chain by Denis!

Aaryan created a food chain and has used great scientific vocabulary throughout!

Have a look at what Eashan wrote about Capybaras and Caimans!

Shambhavi wrote about a powerful bird ‘The Harpy Eagle’

Riccardo drew beautiful pictures of the animals in his food chain.

Week beginning 27/04/20

This week 6E’s task was to research the different types of food that can be grown in the Amazon. Using that research, they created a food diary based on the food they would find there. It was fun reading everyone’s unique food diary - well done Team 6E.



Week beginning 20/04/20

What a fantastic piece of work! You have thought carefully about what you would take to survive in the Amazon Rainforest and have presented it beautifully. Well done Rishika.
I am very impressed with your information leaflet. I particularly enjoyed reading your fact about the most dangerous animal - how interesting!
Aryan’s detailed survival kit. Well done!
Zahraa, you have creatively presented your survival kit - well done!
Rylan’s kit contains essential equipment- well done.