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Staff at HHJS

Staff at Hounslow Heath Junior School (2021/22)


The staff list below is organised into teams, including Year Group Teams. Please see the Contact Details page of the About Us tab, regarding contacting relevant members of staff. The school and indiviual members of staff can be contacted through the school email, at office@hhjs.hounslow.sch.uk or by appointment by contacting the school office. Pupils and parents can contact the class teacher through Google Classroom and pupil G-Suite gmail  accounts. 

In accordance with government (DfE) guidance on information which must be published online, it can be confirmed that no staff employees have a gross annual over salary of £100, 000.   


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. R. Aulakh - Headteacher

Mr. H. Gwilliams - Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour & Safety)

Mrs. J. Calmonson - Deputy Headteacher (Head of Centre & Inclusion/SENCO)

Mrs. M. Raja - Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Assessment)

Mrs. A. Shingadia - Assistant Headteacher (Year 5 & English)

Mrs. F. Ahmed - Assistant Headteacher (Year 6 & CCL)

Mrs H. Cornick - Assistant Headteacher (Year 4 & Pupil Well Being)

Miss L. Pavely - Assistant Headteacher (Year 3 & Mathematics)


Year 3 Team

Ms. L. Pavely - Assistant Headteacher

Miss. S. Bora (3A) 

Miss. C. Bloco (3B)

Miss. H. Baber (3C)

Ms. K. Charlton (3D) - Leader of Learning

Ms. E. Osborne (3E)

Mrs. P. Malhotra (3F) - Leader of Learning


Year 4 Team

Mrs. H. Cornick - Assistant Headteacher

Miss. A. Khawaja (4A)

Ms. H. Khalifa (4B) - Leader of Learning

Miss. S. Vallone (4C)

Miss. A. Gregory (4D)

Mrs. S. Junjua (4E)

Mr. B. Wyatt (4F) - Leader of Learning


Year 5 Team

Mrs. A. Shingadia - Assistant Headteacher

Miss. A. Tracey (5A)

Mrs. S. Harish (5A)

Mrs. S. Bora-Mudvitzi  (5B)

Mrs. A. Rattan (5C) - Leader of Learning

Mr. P. Harding (5D) - Leader of Learning

Miss. B. Ghataore (5E)

Mr. J. Ritchie (5F)

Miss. I. Batra (5G)

Mrs. J. Hamaoui (5G) - Leader of Learning


Year 6 Team

Mrs. F. Ahmed - Assistant Headteacher

Miss. N. Stockman (6A) - Leader of Learning

Miss. S. Mahal (6B) - Leader of Learning

Mr. J. McCoy (6C)

Mrs. S. Houseago (6D)

Mr. E. Nowicky (6E)

Miss. L. Sobti (6F)

Mrs. A. Arora (6G)


Centre and Support Teachers

Ms. C. L'Ange - Leader of Learning (Deputy SENCO)

Mrs. A. Carter - Leader of Learning

Mr. J. Thomas - Leader of Learning 


Modern Foreign Language Teacher (French)

Ms. Y. Encer - Leader of Learning


P.E. & Sports Teacher/Coach

Mr. A. Jung


PPA Teachers

Ms. K. James

Ms. L. Miller


EAL Provision

Mrs. S. Solanki


Music Teachers (HMS)

Miss. W. Stepkowska (Recorder/Clarinet)

Mr. D. Taylor-Moore (Year 6)


Support Staff (TAs/SSAs)

Year 3/4:

Mrs. J. Dudhe

Ms. S. Gupta

Miss. M. Ronan

Ms. K. Barrett

Mrs. S. Lakaf

Mrs. A. Aggarwal

Miss N. Vegard

Ms. J. Gulwan

Ms P. Chabalala

Miss. L. Letreche

Miss. Z. Winterbotham

Ms. Mrs. Mall

Ms. Azreen Somra

Year 5/6:

Mrs. S. Rahemtulla (& Senior SMSA)

Mrs. S. Holmes

Mrs. D. Sethi

Ms. T. Higgins

Mrs. A. Jolly

Mrs. B. Mohta

Mrs. C. Dias

Mrs. S. Gill

Mrs. S. Khatun

Miss. F. Acar

Miss. M. Pearce

Miss. E. Stevens-Crabb

Ms. S. Imtiaz


School Business Manager

Ms. N. Legah

School Finance Officer

Mr. S. Nahar


Welfare Assistant

Mrs. M. Qureshi

Mrs. C. Olanipekun


School Administrators

Mrs. Z. Hussain - Admin Manager

Mrs. M. De Guzman


Administrative Assistants

Mrs. H. Ballantyne

Miss. F. Hussain

Ms. K. Aylieff


ICT Technicians

Mr. B. Rana


School Premises Manager

Mr. D. Light

Deputy Premises Manager

Mr. A. Scarrott


School Meals Supervisors

Mrs. S. Rahemtullah - Senior SMSA

Mrs. B. Patel

Ms. L. Afzal

Mrs. A. Imran

Mrs. A. Malek

Ms. H. Osman

Mrs. S. Aitha

Ms. N. Ahmed

Mrs. H. Said

Mrs. C. Kotte-Adikaramge

Mrs. N. Mughal

Mrs. S. Pereira

Mrs. S. Shabbir

Mrs. D. Datashvili

Mrs. S. Tareq

Miss. N. Shah

Mrs. S. Jhooti