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Staying Safe Online

Online Safety

Hounslow Heath Junior School recognises that the Internet can give children access to an enormous range of information, resources and tools to support their learning. We encourage them to safely use the wide range of available libraries, caches, search engines, databases, sites and online resources as part of their own research and other activities. Home access to the Internet and related technologies such as e-mail, messaging services and social media are commonplace. For this reason we accept our responsibility in helping children use safe and responsible behaviours whenever they use these technologies. It is essential that shared good practice within and beyond school is implemented in order to safeguard our community, also empowering children to protect themselves.

We have developed the following safeguards to ensure the safety of our children when using the Internet. Use of I.C.T. and digital technologies are monitored carefully with practices and policies kept under review to respond to an ever-changing environment.


  • No close up pictures of individual children will be released or published unless permission has been granted by parents or guardians.
  • Only authorised members of the school community are allowed to use school computers, devices and digital technologies, accessed by confidential passwords.
  • Passwords are kept confidential by each user.
  • Children are empowered to keep themselves safe, and encouraged not to share personal details on the web or when in dialogue with other Internet users. (Be aware that beyond the school and secure school systems, social media encourages the sharing of this information.)
  • Information and personal details of other members of the school community are kept confidential, and shared only with appropriate authorities in accordance with data protection policies.
  • Children only use agreed search engines and online resources under the supervision of staff or responsible adults.
  • The use of school computers and digital technologies, with filters for additional protection, is reserved for school work and appropriate applications.
  • The school will monitor communication on school systems and secure sites.
  • Everyone acts as good online citizens, abiding by the rules, policies and the law, treating others and their work with respect.
  • Children and adults are expected to take care when sending and receiving messages, only opening a message or attachment, knowing the person who sent it.
  • Our school community ensures concerns are reported immediately to a member of staff or responsible adult, without individually responding to inappropriate content.  


Acceptable Use Policies

Our school community understands that, if it has been established that 'rules' have been broken, appropriate action will be taken by the school, and access to school systems may be restricted or modified.

The 'rules' and Acceptable Use Policies are agreed with the children, parents, carers and staff using I.C.T. and digital technologies at Hounslow Heath Junior School. These A.U.P. policies are available below. 

E-safety Resources and Links

These links are valuable resources for supporting e-safety both in school and at home .


The school is working with pupils and parents to support children in keeping themselves safe when online outside school. Following the valuable training for pupils, parents and carers in November 2018,  provided by the school and Parentzone, the link below provides lots of advice regarding keeping your child safe when online at home, for example with gaming and other online activity including the use of Youtube. Use the search facility to locate the information and advice you are seeking. Do not hesitate to contact the school regarding any queries or concerns.  

Safer Internet Day

The school has used Safer Internet Day to support Online Safety and welfare both in school and at home. Please use the resources below to support children in keeping themselves safe and happy online.