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The School Curriculum

The school offers the Primary National Curriculum (Key Stage 2) and R.E. to all children. This may be delivered through cross-curricular learning and through separate subject teaching. We feel this provides a good balance for children. We aim to ensure that every child's needs are met and that all our children, whatever their ability, are able to feel that they have achieved success and progressed in their learning.

We use a variety of teaching approaches to suit the different abilities and needs of the children. There is whole class, group and individual teaching; including practical first hand experience and research work. We use I.C.T. and digital technologies to support all areas of the curriculum. The aim is that all lessons should be stimulating, purposeful and relevant to the children. The school is organised into year group teams, with four classes in each team. These teams work together to plan the curriculum.

If you require further information regarding the curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher, the Leader of Learning for the year group or a member of the School Leadership Team, such as the Assistant Headteacher for your child's year group.

Home Learning During School Closure and Self-Isolation

To support learning at home during school closure and self-isolation, the pupils had initially been provided with printed packs and resources. Now links below for each Year Group provide resources for home learning throughout the week, and are updated each weekend.

Regularly check and use the usual online resources, such as Mathletics, MyMaths. Times Tables Rock Stars, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash.

If you require additional help with home learning, including any of the activities and resources provided, please email your child's class teacher. School leaders can also be contacted through office@hhjs.hounslow.sch.uk for further queries.

Remember to keep checking the School Closure and Curriculum Pages at the start of every week. If you have completed the activities set for the week, you can use the links to other resources and websites on the bottom of this page.

Curriculum Planning

Through our curriculum plans, which clearly share our learning intentions, we aim to:

  • Increase the children's knowledge of a variety of subjects and ensure appropriate coverage of the School Curriculum, which includes the National Curriculum.
  • Develop the skills which children can use to further develop their own learning, e.g. independent research.
  • Develop concepts so that they can organise their ideas and increase their understanding.
  • Acquire attitudes, which will support them throughout their life e.g. persistence, confidence and co-operation. 

Promoting British Values


Hounslow Heath Junior School provides a welcoming, stimulating environment, which is conducive to learning; underpinned by the British values of freedom, democracy as well as respect for individuals, faiths, and the wider community. Through our delivery of a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum, we aim to meet the needs of all the children, thus enabling them to fulfil their potential as learners, and as British citizens. Partnership between all members of the school community and the wider community is fundamental in achieving this.


At Hounslow Heath Junior School these values are developed and embedded across the whole school curriculum:

  • Pupils have a full understanding of how individuals, or citizens, can influence decision-making through the democratic process. The pupils democratically elect two members of each class to a school council, namely the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). This elected body represents the pupils and provide a voice, which is heard through class discussions and meetings; for example with members of the SMT and the Governing Body.

  • The pupils have an understanding that the freedom to hold other faiths and beliefs are protected, and developed throughout the school curriculum, for example through R.E., PSHE (PATHS) lessons and Collective Acts of Worship.

  • All members of our community respect different faiths or beliefs and accept that this should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour. Discrimination is not tolerated in the school community.

  • The importance of identifying and combatting discrimination is clearly demonstrated in the operation of the school’s policies, and fully explained in the Equalities Policy.


These examples demonstrate the actions the school takes in promoting British values:

  • The curriculum examines the strengths, advantages and disadvantages of democracy. The understanding of how democracy and the law works in Britain, is developed through the class-based curriculum and other activities including visits to the London Borough of Hounslow Main Council Chamber at the Civic Centre to examine the way this democratic process operates in the wider community. The contrast to the way other countries operate, is examined through class-based curriculum and other whole school activities and initiatives including International Week.

  • We ensure all pupils within the school have a voice that is listened to, and are actively involved democratic processes. Pupil voice is very important in all aspects of decision-making at Hounslow Heath Junior School; not just through our JLT but through a range of teams and as a whole school, for example in welfare, e-safety, road safety, ‘walk to school’, recycling, supporting charities, reward systems and the development of the school curriculum. These and other provisions are outlined SMSC Policy and other school policies on this website.

  • Opportunities to learn how to argue and defend points of view are developed through activities across the curriculum and extra-curricular provision for debating within school and with other schools. Pupils take part in elections for the JLT and other teams; promoting fundamental British values.

The document below explains in more detail how we promote British Values at Hounslow Heath Junior School.