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Ancient Greek News Reports

5D have been writing their very own myths

More fantastic writing by 5D!

What a fantastic story by Navika!

Medha’s space story

Kaya has worked so hard on her story this week. A fantastic job, Kayla - keep it up!

A fantastic and detailed leaflet. Great job, Alana!

A great leaflet about plants. Great work Aaliyah!

Great grammar work 5D!

Week 2 - Creative Writing Task

A great start to your story, Darius!

Darius has been practising using dashes.

I like the way Jakub and Abdullahi are creating suspense in their writing.

A very heartfelt letter by Aalisha

Thank You Letters

A great letter by Ayaan!

Here is Rahib’s thoughtful letter!

Abdullahi has been looking at how to use semi-colons. Well done on using neat handwriting too!

Anushka has been working hard on her creative writing - great job! Keep up the hard work!