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Year 3 Home Learning

In the event of lockdowns and periods of isolation due to Covid-19, and in accordance with DfE guidance, the school makes provision for the children’s online learning every day at home, through Google Classroom. Log into Google Classroom every day for the learning set daily for your class. The links for online learning are provided below, as are Year Group summaries for learning each day throughout the week.     

The class teachers also continue to set tasks and other learning opportunities through established resources such as Reading Eggs, MyMaths, Mathletics. Times Table Rock Stars and Purple Mash, as appropriate. Teachers will monitor progress with this learning online, and provide feedback each week. The children have already been provided with passwords for these resources.  Please log into Google Classroom EVERY DAY to keep up with class-based learning across the curriculum. In accordance with national guidance, the school will follow up on concerns regarding lack of learning at home.

If your child has been given a password and is having problems logging in, or you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school so we can support you.

Home Learning for the Spring and Summer Terms 2019-20 (providing opportunties for revision)